About Team Purple Squirrel

Your real estate & community team


Integrity  •  Fun  •  Teamwork  •  Respect  •  Innovation  •  Passion  •  Quality

Taking a client's perspective of real estate, understanding typical stresses experienced when buying or selling homes, we make client satisfaction our priority.
Combining our Professional Skills in Business, Human Relations, Negotiation, Analytics and Problem Solving, our framework to real estate is Solutions oriented....and frequently similar to building a puzzle; Visualize of the end result and build a framework to get there.....while being prepared & adaptable for bumps along the way.

To be the most sought after choice for real estate services in every community we serve.

Building stronger communities by connecting positive & memerable real estate experiences to community engagement initiatives.


Emphasizes the importance of giving back to our local communities by delivering posi-tive & memorable experiences.


Our philosophy is about creating positive and memorable experiences, not only for our clients but the comm'unity at large. We proudly support many events through our dynamic approach to business and comm'unity. We take our initiatives to anoth-er level by creating a heightened sense of excitement & engagement with our FUN’draising programs. Why Comm'unity? - because we all have a 'common unity'

Delivering Client Fulfillment by:

By hosting Team Purple Squirrel at your event we promote fundraising by connecting with probable home sellers. A name is selected from those whom participated, and within the next 12 months when that seller lists and sells their home with Team Purple Squirrel we donate the listing proceeds directly back to your organization upon closing of their sale.

2% of Team Purple Squirrel’s Net Income is pooled and donated back into the community and non-profit initiatives, as chosen by our clients, throughout the calendar year. Whether you’re hosting a special function, fundraiser, charity event/golf tournament or looking for your forever home and expect Personalized Service & Performance Satisfaction, call or email us!

Fundamental commitments we believe every Realtor® should deliver...

We are always in contact with you whether it be via e-mail, text, phone or in person.

we anticipate your needs and reply to your expectations so you’re not waiting for up-dates, confirmations or wondering what’s going on.

We respect your needs and wants and are determined to deliver on those by paying attention and respecting you.

We maintain regular communication with the listing or buyer Realtor to ensure the transaction goes smoothly. By giving you regular updates on what is going on with the progress of your transaction and be available to help in all matters.

Practical Advice & Negotiation
We are your consultants and rec-ognize although you ultimately decide, our role is to create options so you can accomplish the best outcome. We achieve this by acting to protect & pro-mote your best interest.

Trends & Strategies
No other deals matter but yours. By keeping ourselves current on the latest market trends our clients benefit from the information we deliver through our ser-vices.

Question: How often do you see grey squirrels?

They are everywhere and are very common place

Ever see a Purple Squirrel in nature?

They exist but are extremely rare.

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